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“I have worked with Andrea Loretz-Frey regularly in my music program since 1998 and have never in my 20 year career as a professional musician made music with another soprano whose beauty of vocal quality is equally matched by beauty of personality and spirit. Andrea is a gem! Her voice is warm, rich and resonant with exceptional pitch accuracy and a musicality that always leaves you wanting to hear more. Andrea's sense of professionalism and preparedness coupled with her charm and wit make her an absolute delight with which to work.”

--Michael R. Vaughan, Organist, Director of Music, St. Agnes Church, Arlington, MA

“I have been a choral singer in the Boston area for the last 20 years and consider myself to be a solid ensemble singer but a shy soloist. I was looking for someone who could help me enhance the skills that I have acquired as a choral singer and bring me to the next level of becoming a confident soloist. I could not have found a better mentor than Andrea. She is teaching me to transcend my skills and vocal technique into verve and passion. It's been amazing to see how music has gone from notes on a page to an emotion that I am conveying to an audience. Andrea's skills as a consummate teacher, performer, and zest for life has lifted music to an even higher place for me. “

-- Diane Stickles, Student & Performance Colleague

“My daughter, Amy, has developed from being a girl with a pretty voice to being a featured soloist in School and church concerts. The techniques she has learned from Andrea have increased her vocal range . In addition to having a trained voice, Amy has more confidence, which has enabled her to audition for solo parts. Andrea’s professionalism and personality make her an outstanding vocal teacher!”

-- Debra Lewis, Parent

“I have known Andrea for almost four years, having the distinct pleasure of singing with her in the Saint Agnes Choir, Arlington, MA. She is an immensely talented woman with a glorious voice. I have been impressed with the range of her capabilities, in singing and in teaching. I was privileged to attend a recital of her students and felt the warmth she received from her students as well as parents. Andrea has the training and ability to lead, teach, perform and be a true factor in the future of educating the students and entertaining the audiences she welcomes with her glorious voice and presentation. “

-- Norma A. Cacciamani, Choir Member

“ I have known Andrea for the past six years. Andrea has a caring, warm, and generous personality. She started teaching my daughter at a young age and now my daughter has shined at several vocal recitals and remains confident in many things she does.”

-- Terri Polignone, Parent

“I started taking singing lessons with Andrea ,May, 2003. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about technique. Many genres of music can broaden your range and make singing enjoyable. I feel that Andrea really takes a personal interest in her students as individuals and focuses on how each person can, not only better themselves as singers, but as performers.”

-- Holly LaRossa, Student

"Andrea is a beautiful and gifted musician and individual. As she performs, Andrea uniformly overwhelms her audience with her talent and her ability to convey the message behind the song, whether it be a lighthearted or more serious piece. In fact, if you listen well, you actually feel the music. I have known Andrea for more than 3 years. She is a genuine and authentic person, generously sharing herself with others. While Andrea has a great sense of humor, she also has a spiritual side, believing in the good of all and working to make the world a better place."

-- Terri Tanner – Student, Choir member – St. Agnes Parish, Arlington , MA

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