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66 Garland Street Everett MA
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“ Our voices are the medium through which we extend our hearts. It is my greatest desire and intent, that I bring to this world a bit more Joy, Happiness, Comfort, and Laughter. Music has an undeniable power to heal, through divine expression, in its totality.”

~ Andrea Loretz-Frey

Vocal Lessons

Vocal Instruction Overview :

* Vocal Techniques — incorporating solid healthy use of the voice; with lower/chest voice, middle, and head- voice access giving singers a connected transition throughout all registers, with ease!

* Stage Performance Techniques — helping performers of all levels to develop engaging stage presence!

*Improvisational Methods — freeing performers to be creative and have fun and removing the blocks of "perfection" by exploring the ‘in-the-moment’ creative vocal impulse!

* Audition Techniques — developing techniques used in auditions for Amateur, Pre-Professional and Professional Performance Companies throughout the US!

* Solo and Ensemble Performance Opportunities — mastering the art of musical communication and expression as a soloist and an ensemble , through stage performance and varying performance venues!

Performance Workshops– Topic Overview

Group & Private Sessions Offered

*Learn how exciting and freeing Improv performing can be! Allow ‘in-the moment’ impulse to direct you and show you how creative you can be! Improvisational performing eliminates the ‘fear of failing’ because it skills performers in utilizing the unexpected moments as vehicles for creativity and expression, just as we conduct improv in our everyday lives!

*Craft repertoire masterfully, expressing your genuine authenticity with your character and story! These techniques will give you a whole new perspective on the power and excitement of performance!

*Change your perception of what auditons are! Utilize techniques that empower your skill to perform moving auditions starting at all performance skill levels!

*Own your space on stage! Learn how to use your body on stage with stage movement and gestures that bring greater freedom and breath to musical and non-musical expression!

*Network with other performers and Musicians alike!

*Observe how performance participation at all skill levels, creates renewed confidence, joy and fun within the other facets of our lives in addition to the stage!

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